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Buick Regal

MTV - Pimp my Ride - Jackhammer Installation

Monday 27 March 2006

Das Auto aus Episode #1 der bekannten MTV Serie Pimp my Ride!

Von der Schrottfreife zum coolsten Auto, das je von Westcoast Custom für MTV Pimp my Ride gebaut wurde. Und zugleich der erste JackHammer der bis dahin installiert wurde.

Die Komponenten: 1x MTX T9922-44 JackHammer 4x MTX TA81001 Class D Verstärker für den JackHammer 1x MTX TA7804 Class AB 4-Kanal Verstärker für Front und Heck 2x MTX TXC6.1 High End Komposystemen für Front und Heck 3x Optima Batterien 6x Streetwires 1F Kondensatoren Alle Kabel, Sicherungen, Verteiler und Terminals von Streetwires.





Kondensatoren und Hecklautsprecher


Der JackHammer

Die Verstärker
  • > MTV’s Pimp my Ride Buick with Jackhammer install
    I wish i had one! ;-)
  • Ryan St.Andrew > > MTV’s Pimp my Ride Buick with Jackhammer install
    Hey whats up brothers i just want to know if i put the jackhammer speakers in a 1998 chevy blazer and if i blast it up and i mean blast it up will it like shack the whole truck and will it blow out the windows cause im gonna pimp out my moms truck and i want to get the best features for it like spinners, i would like to change the color to black, i would like to change the engine to a V8 with 400 horse power, and with the best damn freaking sound system on this planet and i would like if u can guys of pimp my ride can give me some tips or if u guy can pimp it out for us or for my mom cause shes the best damn mother that anybody can every ask for so please give me some tips.
  • > MTV’s Pimp my Ride Buick with Jackhammer install
    the mtx jackhammer is the sickest thing on this planet.i heard one and i could not belive how loud the thing was..when i saw that MTV was putting one in a guys car i was like WOW that guy is a lucky person...this is for the person who thought of building the mtx jackhammer..your extremely awsome and i hope you can build bigger ones in the future..
  • MTV’s Pimp my Ride Buick with Jackhammer install
    i wish i caan have one on my car. you are a luky motherfucker.
  • Jack Hammer
    this is the sickest speaker that ive ever saw in my life
  • Donte Cope > Buick Regal
    i want a jackhammer in my pickup i am only 16 years old so can you ask Xzibite to put the jackhammer in my pickup
  • Buick Regal
    GOD I LOVE YOU TRY TO PUT 2 IN a scion ive seen it dont believe me look for it amazing!!!!!!
  • deez nuts > Buick Regal
    I got a 1988 Chevy Caprice Itz got a lot of trunk space so it would sound real good in there

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